Company History

A long journey and a bright future

Company History

Recion is an integral part of Finnish and Nordic industrial history. Utilization of uncompromising engineering know-how has always been an inseparable part of industrial investments and construction. We are proud of our roots and the lasting imprint our journey has left over the super-centennial period of our company history.

Huber and YIT

Recion has a long background of project execution and piping prefabrication. Huber and YIT Group have been a part of Recion’s early historyHuber was founded in 1879 and YIT in 1912. Both companies followed their own paths for long until late 1995, when  YIT acquired Huber’s business operation. This industry service company was subsequently named YIT Industria, in 2003.


10 years later, after establishment of Caverion through the demerger of Building Services and Industrial Services businesses from YIT Group, a part of the operations was renamed Caverion Industria.


Mimir Invest acquired Caverion Industria’s business in the end of 2018 and a new, standalone company Recion was established in the beginning of 2019. Today, Recion continues its operations proudly and responsibly on the path paved by its honourable predecessors.